Tara Leigh Cakes

C A K E   F L A V O R S

Julia Child once said "romance is the icing, but love is the cake" and we could not agree more! Consisting of 3 layers of cake & 2 layers of filling, our cakes come in a variety of sizes, designs  & of course, flavors.  From comforting classics  to our own unique flavor combinations we call "TLC Signatures", we have something to please everyone.



The Classics

Vanilla, Chocolate, Marble, Funfetti, Red Velvet, Coconut, Strawberry, Lemon, Lime, Almond

Your choice of buttercream: Vanilla, Milk Chocolate, Ganache, Salted Caramel, Lemon, Strawberry, Coconut, Bailey's, Peanut Butter, Cinnamon-Spice, Green Tea

TLC Signatures (add $.50  per serving)

Churro: Cinnamon-swirl cake filled with dulce de leche, cinnamon streusel, & salted caramel buttercream

Strawberry Shortcake: Vanilla cake filled with fresh strawberries, vanilla cream & vanilla bean buttercream; our Grand Marnier Syrup is a great add-on!

Carrot: Fresh carrot cake with cinnamon spice; your choice of cream cheese or vanilla buttercream (or try it  layered with vanilla bean cheesecake & our pumpkin ganache-a TLC fall favorite!)

S'More: Chocolate cake filled with layers of chocolate ganache, sweet graham crumble, & marshmallow buttercream

Opera: Our take on the French classic! Layers of chocolate cake, espresso-soaked almond sponge cake, coffee buttercream & chocolate ganache

(*NEW*) Hummingbird: A southern classic! A delicious spice cake made with banana and crushed pineapple; finished with cream cheese buttercream (available with or without candied pecans)

Citron: Tangy lemon cake filled with lemon curd, raspberry preserves, & lemon buttercream (add a Limoncello soak for the adults!(

Tres Leches: Vanilla cake soaked in "three milks"; filled with fresh strawberries & peaches

Bonsai: Vanilla cake soaked in ginger syrup; filled with ginger mousse & green tea buttercream

Mogador: Chocolate cake filled with chocolate ganache, raspberry preserves & chocolate buttercream

Cannoli: Vanilla cake filled with our zesty sweet ricotta cream & mini chocolate chips

Spring Passion: (Tara's favorite!) Vanilla cake soaked in strawberry syrup; filled with lime curd, fresh strawberries & white chocolate-lime buttercream

Cookies & Cream: Your choice of vanilla or chocolate cake; filled with chocolate ganache, oreo crumble & oreo buttercream

Southie Stout: Guinness Stout chocolate cake filled with Jameson whiskey ganache, chocolate crunch, and Bailey's buttercream

Maui: Coconut cake soaked in sweet rum syrup filled with passionfruit cream, coconut crisps and key lime buttercream

(*NEW*) Milk & Cookies: Vanilla & chocolate chip cake filled with brown sugar-vanilla buttercream and chocolate chip cookie crumble

(*NEW*) Chocolate-Dipped Strawberry: Layers of chocolate cake, fresh strawberries & strawberry buttercream; finished with a chocolate ganache drip


*Gluten-free flavors available upon request*

Please inform us of any allergies before placing an order


   Pricing & Size

C A K E   S I Z E S   &   P R I C I N G

Our cake serving size chart is broken down by two 'types of servings': a slightly larger 'wedge' of cake (for people like us here at TLC)  to smaller event-style portions for those who plan on dancing the night away. These rates reflect a base price of our classic-flavored cakes.



A D D - O N S

Add $.25 per serving for specialty fillings

Add $.50 per serving for TLC Signature Flavors and Rosette Buttercream cakes

Add $3 per serving for fondant covered cakes

Sculpted cakes start at $7 per serving; $250 minimum

$35 per hour for decorating



6 " serves 10-12: $28

8 " serves 20-24: $36

10 " serves 30-40: $75

12 " serves 40-60: $95

14 " serves 50-75: $115




 T W O  - T I E R   C A K E S

6" & 8" tiered cake covered in buttercream starts at $100 and serves up to 25 people

8" & 10" tiered cake covered in buttercream starts at $135 and serves up to 45 people

Any specialty flavors, fondant or gum paste work, or fondant covering is an additional fee. Contact us for a quote!